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Heavenly Flowers - Saison, - 5.5%
Stainless sour ale blended with red wine barrel aged saison
Coming Soon

Oktoberfest - Märzen, - 6%
Light caramel color and malty flavor with a crisp dry finish.
Available in 16 oz. cans, and for on-site pours.*

Buffalo Czech - Pilsner, 4.8%
A crisp Czech style pilsner with subtle sweetness and assertive noble hoppiness.
Available in 16 oz. cans, and for on-site pours.* 

Kingston's Finest - American Corn Lager, 4.5%
A light lager brewed with Pilsner malt and flaked maize. Crisp with a light body. Our craft brewery take on the classic American lager style
Available in 16 oz. cans.*

Großer SumpfSchwarzbier 5.5% 
German black lager with chocolate maltiness and a slight smokiness on the finish
Currently not available.*

Never Tomorrow - IPA, 6.9%
Dry hopped with Mosaic and Azacca hops. A light colored IPA with moderate bitterness, accompanied by subtle citrus flavors and aromas.
Available in 16 oz. cans,, and on-site pours.*

For No One - Double IPA 8.4%
Dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops. Glowing golden-yellow color. Grapefruit-like citrus flavors and tropical fruit aromas.
Currently not available.*

Little Bella - Dry-hopped Blonde Ale 4.5%
Dry hopped with Ella and Amarillo. Light bodied Summer sipper with pleasant subtle hoppiness
Currently not available.*

Yeast of the River Nile - Belgian Golden Ale, 7.5%
Smooth and balanced with light yeast spiciness. 
Currently not available.* 

Lowland Villager - Saison, 6%  
A saison series with changing adjunct flavor additions. Single hopped with Sterling. Light bodied Saison with herbal notes, subtle yeast spiciness and a dry finish. 
Currently not available.*

Beau - Farmhouse Pale Ale 6% 
Pilsner and wheat base composing a light body with slight pepper flavor complemented by pleasant Amarillo hoppiness
Available in 16 oz. cans.*

Gino Time - Stout 5.7%
A slightly bitter stout with roasted character and a dry finish
Currently not available.*

Grafton's Dead - Pale Lager 6.5%
A clear golden color with a light, crisp body. Moderately hopped for a subtle yet complex bitterness
Currently not available*

Trip to the Sun - Dark Saison w/ Chanterelle Mushrooms, 6%
Brewed with chanterelle mushrooms from our neighbors at the RI Mushroom Co. A dark caramel color with rye bread flavor, earthy notes and a complex nutty finish. 
Currently not available.*

Hoped Up - American Pale Ale 5.7%
A moderately bitter brew with West Kingston based Hope Hops Yard's Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops
Currently not available.*

LeTable - Petite Saison, 4.5%
A slightly tart saison with a dry finish.
Currently not available.*

Return of the Sun - Belgian Quad, 9.5%
A malty sweet and deep red Belgian style quadrupel. This beer delivers dark fruit flavors and a familiar nose of this old Trappist brewers influenced style.
Currently not available.*

Sünweizor - Hefeweizen 5.5%
A light and hazy wheat beer with subtle fruit notes carried on early sweetness and a dry finish
Currently not available.*

London Dungeon - London Porter, 6%
A traditional porter with rich chocolate malt flavor.
Currently not available.*

Nuances Sur - Biere de Garde 7.5% 
French farmhouse style with subtle sweetness and tones of bright fruits. Slightly tart as well
Currently not available.*

Big Crüe - Saison 9%
An unusually strong saison, but don't be put off by its abv. A pleasant drink with earthy yeast flavor, spices and moderate bitterness. 
Currently not available*

_______ 2079 - Imperial Stout, 8.5%
A rich full bodied stout with ground coffee steeped cold-brew style. The coffee was roasted right down the street at TLC Coffee Roasters in West Kingston.
Retired per terms of Cease and Desist request.*


*Subject to change depending upon availability. Availability may not be 100% accurate as changes occur during open hours and are not immediately updated. 


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