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This week's hours

At the Shaidzon tasting room, we have pours, cans to go, and fill growlers, in addition to merchandise, N/A beverage options (iced tea and iced coffee) and snacks. A single patron may consume up to 36 oz. of beer on-site and purchase up to 384 oz. (24 cans/1 case) of beer to go. Tasting room will be fully open at the following times:

Wednesday: 4-8pm

Thursday: 4-8pm

Friday: 3pm-9pm

Saturday: 12pm-8pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm

The beers available - with more information on each of them - can be found on our BEERS page

Tasting room policies:

Kid friendly: Although you must be 21 years of age or older to drink or purchase beer, people under 21 are welcome at Shaidzon. We have games and children's books on-site as well. 

Food Policy: Order Till'y’s right from the bar! Our neighbors just down the street have their kitchen live and ready to go for your food cravings. You are welcome bring in outside food or order delivery to the brewery during our open hours. You can also bring in water or other non-alcoholic beverages. You may not bring in alcoholic beverages.

Pet Policy: Pets are welcome in our tasting room as long as they are leashed and cool with other pets and people. Pets may be asked to leave the tasting room if they misbehave according to the bartenders' discretion. According to the warehouse rules of the whole building “pets MUST be leashed and pets MUST stay within the confines of our tasting room while they are at the brewery”. Thank you for cooperating with our policy.

Growlers: We can fill a growler for any of the beer we have on tap. We will encourage you to purchase cans if they are available of the beer. The cans are a greater value per the volume of beer, have a better seal and allow for you to break them up into 16 oz. quantities. We no longer sell 32 oz. growler glasses and we only have a small number of 64 oz. growler glasses remaining.

Special Events: Please see CONTACT US tab

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